Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ladies' Christmas Party

It's Christmas time once again. This will be our 3rd Christmas since we came back here in my homeland. I already miss Texas and I can't help myself remembering our Christmas celebrations in our church there in 2007.

We had such a great time that night during the Ladies' Christmas party held in our Church. It was hosted by Ms. Marsha, our pastor's wife. She prepared mostly finger foods and some ladies brought some desserts. I was so hungry that I ate to my heart's delight. The foods were delicious. After we ate, we picked our gifts. By the way each lady had to bring a gift worth $10. Ms. Marsha let us draw lots and I got number 13. The lady who got number 1 was the first to pick a gift. Then she opens it and have to display it. If the next lady wanted the gift that Lady number 1 got then she can steal it and the first lady will have to pick another gift. It was really fun. The gift I got was a pair of candle holders. They were so cute and when I got home I displayed it in our coffee table. I was the only one who brought a camera so as usual I took some photos.