Saturday, August 18, 2012

Free Sunglasses For Me From Firmoo

Hubby and I have been traveling most of the time while we are here in the states. We’ve been going back and forth from one city to another city. Summer here in Texas is so hot and my eyes needed sunglasses to protect it from the UV rays of the sun. I own one but it’s already old and a little loose on my face. I’ve been wanting to buy a new one but we had lots of expenses lately so I had to put it off and had to be contented with my old one. One day, I was going through my FB when one of my friends there posted the website where I can get a nice, stylish and free sunglasses by writing an article about their site in my blog. By the way, the website’s name is Most of my blogger friends had already got their free sunglasses and wrote about it in their blogs. 

So I contacted Firmoo, submitted my blogs and when it was approved, I requested the sunglasses that I wanted. I was so excited when I got my 4 free wrap around sunglasses. It look fashionable and chic and they are light. I tried it all and it really fit me well. I love the colors that I got, green, turquoise, black and blue but I will just post the green color here. You can see the other colors that I posted in my other blog by clicking here. I never had green nor turquoise nor blue sunglasses before and I’m happy I have these now and it’s free courtesy of Firmoo. If you want to have one but you don’t have a blog to write about it, just go to their website and order the sunglasses that you want. If you’re a new customer, they will give it to you for free. Just pay the shipping. They have nice and affordable prescription eyeglasses too. Check it out and don’t miss out their great products. 

Sunday, August 5, 2012

With God, Nothing Is Impossible

Many, many years ago, I was diagnosed of that dreadful disease, the big C- Cancer. I went under the knife and everything went well after that. But 2 years later, I had a relapse. The cancer came back and it was inflamed! I had to undergo radiation and chemotherapy. I was so depressed. I felt like heaven and earth had closed on me. To have a cancer is like having a death sentence. I cried and cried until there were no more tears to shed. There was fear in my mind that I was going to die soon like my mom who died of breast cancer. I knew very well that cancer has no cure and the therapies I had did no good to me. They just worsened what I felt because of the side effects. Chemo is worst than the cancer itself. It made me very weak and thin and I can't eat and I can't sleep. I can't sit down for straight 5 minutes and when I lie down, I just can't breath. I really felt that I was going to die. My hair fell out and my nails were blackish due to chemo. My immune system was very weak that time. I asked forgiveness of my sins from my family and especially from the Lord because I felt that I would not live any longer. In case the Lord calls me home anytime, then I would be ready to face Him. I knew I was heaven bound because I had accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.

During those times that I was battling the big C, I had many prayer warriors. My church family was praying for me. During Sundays and also during prayer meetings, I was the subject of their prayers for one month. Some pastor friends had visited me and prayed for my healing. My family and I prayed very hard because we believe in miracles. Day and night I cried to the Lord for my healing. I believe in my heart that with God there is nothing impossible. That was the time that I exercised my faith in the sovereign power of God. During those nights that I can't sleep, I went down on my knees for many hours, crying, praying and pleading to God for my healing. I said to the Lord that I know all people are going to die and if it's His will to call me home then I'm ready but if it's His will that I will live then He will heal me. With prayer, supplication and thanksgiving, I pleaded to the Lord to extend my life. I made a covenant with Him. I had also claimed His promises in the Bible like "Ask and it shall be given, seek and you shall find" Mathew 7:7, "I am the Lord that healeth thee" Exodus 15:26, "Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them." Mar 11:24, "I will never leave you nor forsake you" Hebrew 13:5. These verses, I said it back to Him and the Lord honored His WORD. Slowly, I gained back my strength and my health. Jesus has healed me! He is really the God of miracles! He restored me physically. The good Lord had showed me that there is no problem too big for God's intervention and there is no person too small for God's attention. Satan wanted to defeat me and be angry with God and to give up my faith in Jesus but He did not succeed. JESUS CHRIST is my Healer.

Now I am a living testimony of how the good Lord has worked in my life and He really answers the prayers of His children. My prayer warriors and I were victorious. Cancer has a cure and it's faith in Jesus Christ. He is the greatest physician. What happened to me was a test of faith. When everything else failed, I turned to Jesus. I unloaded all my burdens to Him. Man's knowledge is limited, what is impossible to man is possible to God. I didn't get angry with God, instead I considered my affliction as a blessing in disguise because my faith in Jesus Christ became stronger. Maybe if my faith in Him was weak and wavering, cancer would have knocked me down 6 feet under the ground. I believed that God had allowed this thing to happen so I would be closer to Him more than ever and to depend on Him and trust in Him when things become confusing.

The trial in my life didn't end there. Satan tried to defeat me again in another area of my life and that was my love life. My boyfriend of 4 years had joined a cult religion. He was brainwashed just by watching it on TV everyday (Ang Dating Daan). Later he attended their church, studied their doctrines and was baptized. He then wanted me to join him there. I asked what are their doctrines and I got the shock of my life when he told me about it. It was the first time that I heard of a religion that don't believe in the doctrine of original or inherited sin and they don't believe in the Holy Spirit either. They are not allowed to eat during any occasion if the celebrant belongs to another religion. Also their false teacher was very arrogant, cursed on TV, had twisted the meaning of the verses in the Bible. His members were blind followers and that included my boyfriend. I said to myself there's no way that I will join that cult religion. My BF and I began having arguments regarding our opposing beliefs. He said he's the man and I should follow him. Our once smooth relationship became sour. We often had arguments regarding our opposing beliefs. I couldn't give up my faith and religion for a cult religion, neither one of us wanted to give up. I loved my BF but I can't accept his beliefs. I knew that was a ploy of the enemy. I was on spiritual warfare. My BF said he was praying for me so later on I would change my mind and join him in his cult religion (he didn't believe it was a cult, he even said his religion is the true religion founded by God an all other religions are not).

Before this thing happened, we planned to get married on January 2000 but he wanted me to marry him right away at that time but it will be in their church and to be officiated by their false teacher. I prayed to God for direction and guidance. Then the Lord told me that I should give up my BF. It hurt me to do so. It was not easy for me because I love him. Satan had reminded me of how my BF had stuck with me during those trying moments in my life. He had accompanied me to the hospital during my treatments of the big C. We've been through good times and difficult times together and he said no sickness or problem could break us apart. It never came to my mind that it would be our opposing beliefs that would separate us. He was so kind, understanding, caring and sincere. I thought I would never find another man like him. When I broke up with, I felt like I died a thousand deaths. When I was alone in my room that was the time that I released all the heartaches that I felt by crying. I never forget his facial expression when I broke up with him. He was very, very sad, hurt and he went home right away. My heart told me to retract what I said but there was a small voice within me that said I should not. It's the voice of the Holy Spirit.

With the help of God and with lots of prayers I was able to recover from that break up after a few months. A couple of years later, God gave me my life partner that He wanted me to have for the rest of my life. He accepted me inspite of the illness I've been through. I won't trade him for anything else. He loves me unconditionally and spoils me rotten. He is a Texan and a Baptist preacher. He came to the Philippines in 2002 and we got married the first time He came here. We both flew to the US a year after. Now we're doing missionary works in the Philippines. God is good and God is right all the time and I praise God for everything that He has done and He's going to do in my life and in our ministry.

Being a Christian doesn't guarantee that there will be no trials and tribulations in life but the bottom line is how should we respond to those trials. I have proven to myself that God will not give us trials beyond our endurance. I obtained strength to overcome those trials by acknowledging my weakness and relying on God. He gave me the strength to endure circumstances beyond my human capability.

Brokenness characterized my life, my health, my plans my heart and my mind. Yet there is no despair. I bring my broken body, broken dreams and broken heart to God. He is the source of wholeness in life. Whatever our condition, He can touch our mind, heart and soul and heal our inner being when we ask Him sincerely. By His power and His grace I now live with peace that previously seemed unattainable, a joy that is hard to understand and a hope that seems impossible. I am experiencing the best of life in God especially with my hubby in my life now. This relationship becomes meaningful because Jesus makes the difference. He gives purpose to all my endeavors. Everything that happens to me He transforms, making every situation an opportunity for growth.

With God I have found that life even in the midst of problems, turmoil, pain and loss can be satisfying and meaningful. Without Him, a life crowned with success, power, wealth and health would remain lonely and empty- a chasing after the wind.