Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer Camp

It's exactly 2 years now since I had the chance to attend summer camp for the kids in our church at Royal C Ranch in Eufaula, Oklahoma. Erica, the daughter of our assistant pastor invited me to go with them so even just for 2 days I took the opportunity to go because I’ve never been to a summer camp before. I've heard a lot about summer camp but I don't have any idea what they do there. We left Wichita Falls at 6:00 AM and it was a four hour drive to Royal C Ranch. There were many activities there like singing, games, preaching and also eating. The preaching was good, it really blessed me. There was also a preaching competition for the boys and it really amazed me to hear those young boys preaching the Word of God. Many kids got saved and accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. There were also young boys who made a decision to surrender their life to preach and others to be missionaries. They were still very young but they have decided to serve God and that’s the best decision they have ever made. I believe that most of the kids who went there were not the same when they went back home because the Lord had changed their lives. It was a five day camp for them and others don’t even want to go home yet. It felt so relax to be away from all the busyness of life and just stay there in the camp, no tv, no internet. Instead we enjoyed seeing nature, the animals, meeting new people and most especially listening to the songs, and preaching. It was truly a blessing!






Thursday, June 18, 2009

Texas, God's Canvass!!!

Texas was my home for more than 5 years and one thing that really attracts me during spring time there was the wild flowers that blooms beautifully along side the roads, meadows, and most especially in the country. Whenever my hubby and I were driving on the road, the colorful wildflowers along the freeway always caught my attention. They were spread there like God's canvass. Texas is so colorful during spring time with all the colorful wildflowers around. I remember I even dug some poppies and buttercup flowers which I saw along side the road and transplanted it in our front yard. Unfortunately, they didn't survive because our front yard was shaded by oak trees. Now that my hubby and I are here here in the Philippines, the memories of Texas still remains in my mind and in my heart. We'll be going back there one of these days, God's willing.

So in case you think Texas is all cowboys, cactus and horny toads...

Charles Gardner, a good photographer, forwarded these pictures. The mixtures of bluebonnets, "squaw blankets" and Indian paintbrushes have been in full bloom but not so luxuriously as in years when we have more fall and winter rains.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Our Love Story

I love reading love stories but this time I will be the one writing my own love story for my readers. My hubby's name is George. Sounds popular? Of course it is, because he has the same name with the ex-president in the US. He even has the same middle initial (W) with president Bush. I fondly call him "Honey" but when I'm teasing him, I call him Georgie. He doesn't mind at all. My hubby is loving and has a big heart. He always say "I love you" to me everyday. He said if he forget to tell it, I can kick his butt. Never done that yet. He love me unconditionally and he do everything for me as long as he can.

My hubby and I had a whirlwind romance. We met in the internet at christian cafe in May 2002. I was the first who e-mailed him and I just wrote "Hi, how are you doin'?" I didn't thought that that simple "hi" will turn into something serious. He e-mailed me everyday and then called me very often. And then he told me to call him collect whenever I want to. I told him no, because a collect call will cost him too much in his phone bill. He said he doesn't care even he will spend a lot in his phone bill as long as he can hear my voice. I said to myself, hmmm, this guy is not stingy. Stingy guys turn me off you know. In June 2002 he proposed to me. So fast huh! I prayed to God and seek His will for me. I asked God if this guy is the one he wants me to have. I've been through a lot of heartaches before and I don't wanna experience it again. I felt peace in my heart after I prayed. July 2002 I answered George's proposal through e-mail. He was so happy, me too. August 2007, he went in the Philippines to meet me. Then he asked me to go to the US Embassy in Manila to get the legal capacity for marriage. I thought we will just meet each other, because we didn't talk about getting married before he came to see me. I didn't even have enough time to get to know him. But one thing I've learned, if that person is God's will in your life, even though you've just known him in a short period of time, it felt like you've known him all your life. God has sent me my soulmate at last!

We only had 10 days to prepare for the wedding. September 11, 2002, we got married in our church. Lots of people attended our wedding, especially at the reception. My hubby was surprised to see a lot of people coming in. He didn't really mind, he was just fascinated, they're not used to that in US you know. Only the people you invited will come. In the Philippines, invited or not they will come to eat, he-he-he!!! Four days after the wedding, hubby flew back to US and left me with a lonely heart. I missed him so much. December 1, 2002, hubby returned to the Philippines and spent Christmas and New Year with me. He stayed for 2 months and flew back to the US January 29, 2003. March 2003, he quit his job, packed his suitcase and he returned again to the Philippines for the 3rd time because he missed me so much. He stayed until my visa was processed. September 30, 2003 we both went in the US. After more than 5 years of staying in the US, we came back here in the Philippines last January 6, 2009 and started a ministry for the Lord. Thank you Lord for everything. Great is thy faithfulness O Lord!!!