Thursday, June 18, 2009

Texas, God's Canvass!!!

Texas was my home for more than 5 years and one thing that really attracts me during spring time there was the wild flowers that blooms beautifully along side the roads, meadows, and most especially in the country. Whenever my hubby and I were driving on the road, the colorful wildflowers along the freeway always caught my attention. They were spread there like God's canvass. Texas is so colorful during spring time with all the colorful wildflowers around. I remember I even dug some poppies and buttercup flowers which I saw along side the road and transplanted it in our front yard. Unfortunately, they didn't survive because our front yard was shaded by oak trees. Now that my hubby and I are here here in the Philippines, the memories of Texas still remains in my mind and in my heart. We'll be going back there one of these days, God's willing.

So in case you think Texas is all cowboys, cactus and horny toads...

Charles Gardner, a good photographer, forwarded these pictures. The mixtures of bluebonnets, "squaw blankets" and Indian paintbrushes have been in full bloom but not so luxuriously as in years when we have more fall and winter rains.


Hi! I'm Grace said...

Wow! They are awesome and lovely and fantastic and.... ahh... I have never seen like that in Michigan.
By the way, we are here now in Florida for a short vacation.
Enjoy your day and I miss you, Lisa. :)

vhingF said...

What a things here!Where is this - in garden of EDEN!?..

WOW! WOW! so lovely.never seen in my entire life flowers as wide as like this. have here in my location but not wide much.

magulong-gulong gid ako pag pumunta dyan ...hihihihi.

Manang Kim said...

Hi Lisa, I added you already thanks for the go signal hehe.
That is what I like too in Michigan because in every season I could find the beauty in it. Eh mahilig pa naman ako sa nature.