Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I Still Miss Her

It's more than two years already since my sister Violy went to be with the Lord. The pain I felt is not as intense as before when she just passed away. I can say that time heals the wound with the help of the Lord. I still do remember her most of the time but the heaviness in my chest is gone every time I think of her. Unlike before that I used to cry each time I think of her. This will be the 3rd Christmas that she's not with us no more. I know that Violy is very happy now in heaven with no more sickness nor pain. Her husband and 2 boys have moved on I believe. He had remarried and I can see he's happy now. The two boys have their second mom and she takes care of them well. Life goes on and God takes care of His children. Someday, we will see Violy again. I still miss her so much.