Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Trip To Six Flags Over Texas

It's nice to reminisce the past adventures that I had when I was in Texas. I lived there for more than 5 years and there were many memories worth remembering. I'll write them all here in the days to come but for now let me take a walk down memory lane when we went to Six Flags in Arlington, Texas 2 years ago. It was my first time to go there together with the teenagers, kids and some adults in our church. We were given a very good deal because we went there as a group. I only paid $35 for the entrance fee and that includes my lunch for that day. The kids rode the church bus but I rode with some of the ladies in one of our friends car. My husband was not able to go because he was working. He was born and raised in Texas but he's never been to Six Flags and it was close to where he lived before.

We left at 7:00 AM and it was a two and half hour drive from Wichita Falls to Arlington. The park opens at 10:00 AM. I thought that there will not be a lot of people there because it was not a weekend but I was wrong. There were lots of people there. When we just got in, we had some picture taking with some of the cartoon characters who were there to entertain the visitors. Then we roamed around to look what rides they have. There were different kinds of rides but I just chose to ride the smooth rides. I’m chicken when it comes to riding those thrilling and adventurous rides like the Superman, Coobrila and the roller coaster rides. Oh my! Just looking at those rides made me feel dizzy and weak. I just rode the train rides and the boat ride. I enjoyed riding the Boomtown Depot train because I was able to have sight-seeing around some parts of the park. It was hot and humid at noon and in the afternoon (maybe the highest was mid 90’s)but it was a good thing that they have those fans with mists all around the park and I like to stay near them when I pass one by. It made me felt better. We ate our lunch in one of the fast foods inside the Six Flags. We just showed our tickets.

After roaming around the park and had picture taking my feet became sore in the afternoon. So my friends and I just sat down across the Superman ride and watched the riders there. Some of them were yelling, I don't know if they were thrilled or they were just nervous going up. The kids and teenagers and some adults had fun riding those adventurous rides.

We left Six Flags at 9:30 PM and I got home about past 12 midnight. My hubby was already fast asleep. I really got tired because of too much walking. The next day my husband said that I look darker because of too much exposure in the sun. I told him he need to visit Six Flags too next time and I'm pretty sure he will have a good time.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Awards From Friends


I got this award from Cacai and I didn't know that she left a comment in one of my posts telling me about this award and that was last April. My apology sis, this is long over due so now I'm posting it here. I'd like to thank you for this award and also for always dropping EC in my blogs. Cacai is my top EC dropper every month. Thank you, thank you sis.

This is originally from prettyfirefly - the pretty blogger behind the image above this line.

A warm “hello” from a friend or a sincere and friendly smile from a stranger. We have a lot of reasons to smile. Aside from leaving comments, sharing things learning new stuff, droppin’ ECards, managing your other blogs, and flooding shoutmix or cbox, what have you. How would you do that online with your buddies from all over the globe? I thought of sharing something simple yet a brilliant idea to make your day. I want to share a special award with you.

I hope you will grab this because you are deserving of this award peepz, my c0-bloggers, ladies - awardees, here you are (to those I forgot am sorry but you can grab this and ping me, huh?) in the following:

According to the rule, to make your award valid is as easy as counting 1-2-3!

1. You may share this to anyone who inspires you and made you a better blogger or a better person in anyway or anyone who made you smile or anyone who deserves to be called “Certified QUEEN of BLOGS”.

2. Don’t forget to leave a message or comment with your name or nick and the URL of your web site or email me at and include the name and website of the “Queen or queens” that you’ve chosen, so I may feature her on my web site real soon. I will include her on my blogroll as well. What are you waiting for? Pass it on.

3. Oppss…! Don’t forget to copy and paste the code of the badge of the badge that you like and show off your award on your web site. Please don’t modify the codes. For now you have 3 options to choose from, the original badge, the silver badge and my favorite the purple badge. Thanks! Hail to the Queen of Blogs!

Spread The Love Award

I would like to thank my friend Toni for the above award. She is one of my closest friend in our church in Wichita Falls and I miss her so much. Keep blogging my friend.

Rules:1. Copy the badge and put it on your blog.

2. Link back the person who passed you this award.

3. Spread the love to at least 10 or more bloggers.

Now I'm passing these awards to Juliana, Richelle, Femikey, Jacky, Manang Kim, Rechie, Dhemz, Eva and Rose.

Come on ladies, claim your awards and post it in your blog.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Nature's Beauty At Its Best in Colorado Springs

Last July 2007, George and I together with my friend Sofia and her 2 kids Heather and Josh traveled by car to Colorado Springs, Colorado. George drove and it took us 12 longs hours on the road before we got to Colorado Springs with all those stop overs in the gas station, rest areas and picture taking on the road. Also one time we got out of the way. Just getting out of Texas took us a long time because it is such a large state. When finally we got to Colorado, we were amazed by the scenic views and also the cool weather. We checked in to our hotel but then there was a problem because we reserved a family room for 2 nights but the receptionist told us that we just reserved 1 night and the next day we have to transfer to another room because the all the family rooms were all taken the next day. We really got irritated maybe because we’re so tired and we told the receptionist that we came all the way from Texas, 12 hours on the road and we don’t want to transfer to another room the next day because it’s a lot of hassle. So she finally gave us the key to our room and give it to us for 2 nights. Whew! there was a misunderstanding there. It so happened that there were a bunch of tourists who checked in and almost all the rooms were full.

Early that evening Sofia’s friend Miriam and her family came in our hotel and we went to Seven Falls but George was so tired driving so he decided to stay in the hotel. Seven Falls is so beautiful at night because of the computerized lightings. The water changed into different colors. It’s so cool! There were a bunch of people there and there was a cultural show but we were so busy taking pictures of the water falls that I didn’t have time to watch them. We rode the mountain elevator and went to Eagle’s Nest. At the top we could see the falls. What a view! Miriam took us to Denny’s for supper that night but I was so tired and sleepy that I didn’t have the appetite to eat my food.

The next day we went to Garden of the Gods. Oh my! the view is spectacular. I felt so amazed seeing the rocky mountains so high. Only God can make those magnificent views. I feasted my eyes seeing the beauty of nature while we were hiking in the Garden of the Gods. I’m a nature lover and I really love sight-seeing. We can only say "Wow! What a view!"

We spent half day there and after we ate our lunch, off we went to Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. We spent the whole day just hiking and walking. Cheyenne Mountain Zoo lives up to its name. The zoo is really in the mountainous area and this is America’s only mountain zoo. So we have to walk up and down the mountain zoo just to see those animals. This zoo has the the world-famous giraffe herd, the largest of any zoo. On top of the mountain zoo, you can see the breathtaking mountain scenery of the zoo and also Colorado Springs.

top view of the zoo

At the end of the day my feet got tired. Then Ashley whom I met at Friendster called and she decided to meet us personally the next day before we leave. She and her hubby Scott came to our hotel and then took us to breakfast at IHop restaurant. I was so glad to see Ashley and her hubby. They are nice and good-looking couple and we enjoyed talking with them. My only regret is we only had a short time to be with each other because we have to leave early and also Ashley had to work at 11:00 AM that day. After we ate our breakfast, Scott and Ashley took us to a scenic overlook view in Colorado Springs wherein we could see the Pikes Peak, Cheyenne Mountain and the US Airforce Academy. We took some souvenir photos with them and after that we said goodbye to each other and we headed back home. We really enjoyed our short stay there and we had fun.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Flashback Of My Vegetable Garden

I love gardening ever since I was a kid and until now I still do. When hubby and I were in Texas, I planted flowers in our front yard and veggies at the back yard. That's what kept me busy when I was not working so I won't get bored. This time of year last year and the other years, my veggies were ready to be harvested. I planted string beans, tomatoes, bitter gourd, bottle gourd, okra, squash, sweet potatoes, collard greens, green beans, jute, lettuce, cantaloupe, cucumbers and a lot more. I harvested a lot of my veggies and I put some of it in our freezer and I shared a lot to my friends. All my veggies were organic. I didn't use any pesticide or herbicide and no fertilizer. I just water them often. Organic vegetables are so expensive in Texas. Can hardly afford it so hubby and I enjoyed my organic veggies last year and the other years.