Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Flashback Of My Vegetable Garden

I love gardening ever since I was a kid and until now I still do. When hubby and I were in Texas, I planted flowers in our front yard and veggies at the back yard. That's what kept me busy when I was not working so I won't get bored. This time of year last year and the other years, my veggies were ready to be harvested. I planted string beans, tomatoes, bitter gourd, bottle gourd, okra, squash, sweet potatoes, collard greens, green beans, jute, lettuce, cantaloupe, cucumbers and a lot more. I harvested a lot of my veggies and I put some of it in our freezer and I shared a lot to my friends. All my veggies were organic. I didn't use any pesticide or herbicide and no fertilizer. I just water them often. Organic vegetables are so expensive in Texas. Can hardly afford it so hubby and I enjoyed my organic veggies last year and the other years.


eva said...

wow! love your garden. andami vegetables. pwede penge? hehe. take care


Anonymous said...

Wow! lots of harvest before Te Lis! that's a very beautiful garden.. am envious of your garden Te Lis.. we're living in an apartment and seldom only peeps will plant in here.. heheh.. ohhh well, it was well taken cared of and the fruits are organic! And there's okra and squash there too!-- my faves!