Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Hope you all have a wonderful day. This day reminds me of Valentine's day 7 years ago. It was during that day that hubby and I planned to repeat our wedding vows in Texas. We got married in the Philippines in September 11, 2002 but none of hubby's family was present. So he decided to have our wedding in the states so his family, friends and relatives can attend. We did the preparations, sent out invitations and cooked the foods at the night of February 13th. On the the next day, February 14th which was supposed to be our wedding, it snowed pretty bad. Texas is not used to have snow and I think the state doesn't have the necessary tools to clear out the roads from snow. So what hubby did, he called on the phone all the people that we invited and canceled our wedding that day and he re-scheduled it the next day, February 15th. Waahh! There goes my dream of having our wedding on hearts' day. Anyways, our wedding went well the next day. The sun was already shining and the snow was already melting. That's Texas weather, weird!