Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Month of May

Well, the month of May had passed by so quickly. It's already the 1st of June today. I have lots of memories that happened in the month of May. It was in the month of May when I had my major surgery 15 years ago. That was a big blow on my part that almost knocked me down but God had been so faithful to me. I survived that trial by clinging to God and claiming His promises. It was a test of faith.

After the rain comes the sun. It was also in the month of May in 2002, six years later when I met my hubby in the internet. It started with a simple "hi" and "hello" until it developed into something special. We e-mailed each other regularly, then a few phone calls which lasted for 3 months until he decided to come to the Philippines, meet me personally and swept me off my feet. It feels so good to remember good memories that happened in the month of May...