Sunday, March 11, 2012

Flight To The Philippines

How time flies! We've been here in my homeland for 3 years already. I remember our flight was in the month of January and it was still winter that time. It's was a long trip from Texas to the Philippines, more than 22 hours including the lay-over and it was really boring while sitting down in the plane. It's a good thing that all the seats in AA were equipped with a small tv so I watched a lot of movies while flying. When I got tired, I took photos of me and my hubby as souvenirs inside the plane. We took the American Airlines and they have a modern technology. We can see in the tv where we were and how far we were to our destination.

We had a 2 hour lay-over in Tokyo and then we rode the Japan Airlines from there to Manila. It's a smaller and older plane but the fight attendants were all young, helpful and pretty compared to the flight attendants of the AA. They also served better foods. My hubby was so observant and he compared the services of the 2 airlines and he likes better the services of JAL.

on board the American Airlines

with my hubby inside the plane

while waiting for our flight at DFW Airport

my hubby at DFW Airport


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