Friday, August 7, 2009

Welcome Signs

I love taking pictures in front of the welcome signs of the states that we've visited. I got this idea from my friend Sofia. I think this is a good idea to have souvenir shots of the states that we've been to. That's the reason that I prefer to travel by car rather than by airplane because I get to see other states that we passed by. I just got here in the US when we drove to Iowa and we passed by a few states like Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri. We didn't stop to take photos in the welcome signs. I didn't have this idea yet of taking photos in front of the welcome signs. But it's good we took the photos of the welcome signs of the states we passed by when we went to Colorado in July 2007. Also I had my photo taken at the welcome sign when we went to Oklahoma. I love sight-seeing and taking pictures. I enjoy looking at the wonderful creations of our Lord. It's awesome! Makes me love Him more and more.


Rad said...

Very cool pics. I prefer road trips to Airplanes as well. You just get to "feel" more of the city your visiting when you drive. Great pictures.

Manang Kim said...

Hello Lis, parang curiosity ko na antig sa New Mexico "the land of enchantment" parang gandang pakinggan.