Sunday, July 31, 2011

California Vacation

These are old photos of me and my hubby when we went to California almost 8 years ago. We had such a good time visiting my college friends there. We stayed in Stockton at the house of my best friend in college. We stayed there for 17 days. My friend and her hubby took us to the beautiful spots in California like the Golden Gate in San Francisco, Universal Studios in Hollywood, and Lake Tahoe. We also visited one of our college friends in San Diego who is now in the navy and he took us to Sea World. All the entrance fees were taken care of by my friends. So we saved money and we really had a good time there. My friend wanted to take us to Tijuana, Mexico because it's just beyond the border but I didn't have yet my green card that time so we didn't go. We just drove by and he showed us the border and across it is Tijuana. We had a grand time touring California from north to south.