Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Great Lunch at Logan's

Hubby and I miss the restaurants in Wichita Falls where we used to eat. In fact, we had eaten in almost all of the popular restaurants in that city. Our house was close to the business centers and it's just a few minutes drive to the mall and restaurants. We used to frequent the different buffet restaurants in that city especially during Sundays when hubby and I get out of church after service. So we were already familiar of their foods and we wanted to try a new place. One place that we went to eat for the first time before we moved out of that city was Logan's.

I remember the buyer just paid our house that we sold that day, November 22, 2008 and after we deposited the check in the bank, my hubby and I went to eat lunch at Logan's to celebrate. Actually, we used the gift card that was given to me as a gift during my citizenship celebration by one of the couples in our church. We ate to our heart's delight. The foods at Logan's were really good. My hubby ordered his favorite chicken friend steak with french fries and macaroni and cheese plus his tea. I ordered fried chicken tenders, mashed potatoes with gravy and sweet potato baked. The foods were really great! So yummy to the tummy! We love Logan's and it's one of the best restaurants in that city.

Here are the foods that I ordered. Just looking at the pics make me hungry now!!!

Below is what my hubby ordered. They're yummy and it filled his tummy!!!

We were busy eating and enjoying our meal but we took time to pose for a photo as souvenir.

My hubby with his take-home baggy.

In front of Logan's Roadhouse