Sunday, August 14, 2011

Our Old House

I miss our house in Wichita Falls. Hubby and I lived in that house for 4 years and there were many memories of ours in that house. When we bought that house, it needed a lot of TLC and so hubby and I worked hard to renovate and improve that house. Hubby had replaced the back porch and door and he put railings at the front porch because it has no railings when we bought it and he put a new fascia board in the front porch. He also replaced the glass windows and window jambs. Lastly, he repainted it because the old paint according to hubby looked like a puke. Then I called the insurance company and reported that the roof leaks and needed a replacement. Their insurance agent came and checked the roof, took photos and when it got approved, they came and put a new roof.

We sold that house in late 2008 because we have to move to the Philippines and to start a ministry for the Lord. My last day in that house made me teary-eyed. All the memories that we had there I will just cherish in my heart and in my mind. On the other hand, we were also glad because we finally sold it after almost two years in the market. I just learned from a friend that the house now was fully renovated by the new owner and it looked so pretty, a lot different from what it was. Now, I can't wait to see it when we go back there next year. Here are some photos taken in that house...