Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Good Old Days in Baguio...

It's been more than 5 years since we were in the Philippines. When I was still there, I often go to Baguio City with my siblings. My brother-in-law has a house there and that's where we stay. I've been to all the tourist spots in Baguio. I also studied in Saint Louis University, one of the famous universities in the city.

Baguio is a city in the mountains and it has lots of pine trees. The climate is the main attraction of Baguio because it's the summer capital of the Philippines. It's nice and cool. When I got married to my American husband, I took him to Baguio and he really like the place. In fact he wanted to buy a house there at that time but I told him it's not yet the right time because we will be leaving for the US. I took my hubby to all the tourist spots in Baguio while he was there. He spent almost 7 months in the Philippines the 3rd time he went there. Most of the time, we went to Baguio and stay there. Hubby really enjoyed his stay in the Philippines. We're so excited to go back there soon.

Below are the photos that I scanned which were taken in Baguio City more than 5 years ago. I miss those days. Philippines see you soon...

at Sunshine Park with my hubby

at Burnham Park
at Bell Church

hubby and I at Burnham Park
at Bell Church again
at PMA