Friday, December 19, 2008

Sea World In San Diego

We did a lot of sight-seeing and traveling while we were in California. After our Universal Studios tour, we headed to visit our friend Cesar and his family in Chula Vista. It was a three hour drive from Hollywood so it was already almost midnight when we arrived there. We were so tired gallivanting around so I slept soundly that night. The next day, Cesar took us to Sea World in San Diego. He paid the entrance fee for all of us, me, my hubby, Lina, Manuel and their son. So he paid for 6 people including himself and he must have spent a lot for the entrance fee. It's good he got a discount because he's in the navy.

Sea World is a nice place to go if you are fond of those sea creatures. I enjoyed watching the dolphins' show, sea lion's show, pets' rule and of course who can forget Shamu, the famous whale. I took some photos and also recorded some of the shows in video. We went around seaworld and we've seen lots and lots of different species of fish, also penguins, etc.

During lunch time, we ate there and the foods there were so pricey. My hubby treated everybody for lunch. It's our little way of paying back our friends' hospitality and generosity. We were like having a picnic in one of the public tables in Sea World.
We were in Sea World until evening but still we were not able to watch all the shows. One day is not enough to roam around the place just like Universal Studios. But anyways, we had fun seeing the shows and I was really entertained. My eyes had a feast seeing all those sea creatures. It's an adventure that will always stay fresh in my mind.

at the entrance of Seaworld with my hubby
inside Sea World
with our friends, thank you very much for taking us to Sea World


chubskulit said...

hello ate lisa, ang sweet nyo naman..
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