Thursday, December 11, 2008

Great Moments In Baguio

As I've mentioned in my previous post, my hubby loved to stay in Baguio City while he was in the Philippines. I took 3 weeks vacation leave from my job that time and we went to Baguio and stayed there. We went to visit Mines View Park, Botanical Garden, The Mansion House, PMA, Camp John Hay, Bell Church, Sunshine Park, Wright Park and of course Burnham Park. My hubby was so impresed with the beauty of the parks there in Baguio City. He told me that it put most of the parks here in the US to shame.

We stayed at my brother-in-law's house in Camp Allen and it was just a walking distance to the public market and Burnham Park. We often go to the market and bought some fresh fruits, vegetables and fish. My hubby loved the pandesal there and we were a regular customer at a bakery in Kayang St. During afternoons, we walked to Burnham Park and we played badminton there. Sometimes we just sat at Malcom Square and just watched people passing by. My hubby felt so relaxed there, no pressure in his job, just eat, sleep, walk and relax. Those were the days, the good old days...

My hubby has been wanting to watch the Panagbenga or Flower Festival in Baguio. God's willing he will be able to watch it next year. I used to watch it yearly when I was still there. It is really a big event in the City Of Pines every year during the month of February.

Here are more scanned photos taken in Baguio when we were there many years ago.

at Camp John Hay

at the Botanical Garden
we had to pay these Igorotas (natives in Baguio) P10 each just to pose with us...

at Burnham Park
at Bell Church


Pinay WAHM said...

Hi Lis...

Nice pics. I also like to visit Baguio ever now and then.....ah memories talaga.

Thanks for the visit.


irel said...

I miss Baguio!! I went there when I was 16 with my cousins from manila. Very nice place indeed..