Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I Wanna See Australia

We've been here in my homeland for more than couple of years now doing missionary works for the Lord. I know my hubby miss his family back home in Texas. We're planning to go back there in the states and have a furlough sometime next year depending on our finances. I just wish that we can have a short vacation too in one of the countries that hubby and I have been wanting to see and that is the land down under called Australia. I heard about the famous Blue Mountains Sydney and for nature lovers like me and hubby, I'm pretty sure we would love it there. 

I heard a lot about Australia and I was wondering why they called it the land down under. I did my research and I found out that Australia is the only continent with a permanent population that is entirely below the equator, hence the name, "Down-Under". That’s amazing! I didn’t know about that until just now. I need to check the Andersons Tours if ever hubby and I have the budget to go there and visit. I wanna see Sydney and Melbourne and of course their famous kangaroo. Australia is one in our top lists to visit next to Hawaii.