Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Wanna Go On A Cruise

I haven't been to a cruise in my entire life and this is one in my lists that I want to fulfill before I hit my golden year. I know with our financial situation right now and also with our ministry that we started, this dream looks bleak. But who knows, God would grant my desire so hubby and I can go to one of those Galapagos Cruises that I've been dreaming off. Nothing is too difficult for the Lord and I firmly believe that if it's His will, it will happen. Hubby and I might be able able to distribute gospel tracts on that cruise too.

One of my friends went to cruise a few years ago and she told me she really enjoyed it and she had a good time with her friends traveling with the Galapagos Cruise Ship. They went to a lot of places and they have seen different exotic animals there. I even had the privilege to see her photos that she uploaded online. I was so happy for her because she had the opportunity to travel and see exciting places. Maybe one of these days, it will be my turn to go on Galapagos Cruise.I just keep on praying and trusting God. He owns the world and everything on it and He answers prayers in His time, not ours.