Thursday, September 29, 2011

Vacation Plans

Hubby and I would love to travel, go on vacation and explore other places. Next year hubby will start drawing his pension and we are planning to go on vacation. First, we will visit our family in Texas because we really miss them. It's been almost three years we haven't seen them. Also we are planning to raise support from other churches for our ministry when we go there. I also dream  of  going on a cruise and see the other side of the world. I am a nature lover and so does my hubby. Both of us love nature and we truly enjoy seeing God’s wonderful creation.

I would love to visit Costa Rica, stay in one of the Jaco Beach Vacation Rentals and see the Jaco Beach which is one of the most popular Costa Rican beaches. I heard that in Jaco, you will find accommodations to suit every budget, as well as good food, plenty of restaurants and a number of local sodas and stores. There are also plenty of tour operators in town that arrange everything from horseback rides on the beach, to some excellent off shore sport fishing and sea kayaking. I'm pretty sure that place is worth visiting for beach lovers like me and hubby.