Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Remembering Violy

This month of September brings back unforgettable memories. On September 27th will be my sister Violy's 1st death anniversary. How time flies! It's been a year since Violy is gone. Our life is not complete without her. I  already lost count how many times I cried every time I remember her. In fact even this very moment, I cant hold back my tears while I'm writing this post. There were times that my hubby had seen me crying for the lose of my sis and he was always there to hug and comfort me. Her memories will always remain in my heart and in my mind. September is Violy's birth month and it's also her death month. Tomorrow, September 23  would have been her 47th birthday. Until now I can't get over the death of my sister. I always remember her and her memories are still fresh in my mind.

How can I forget my one and only sister who was with me for many, many years. Violy is two years my junior and we were very close to each other. I can tell her anything and she was my best friend and confidant though like any other normal siblings, we had also our share of disagreements and  misunderstanding when were young. When we were both single, we used to share the same bed. During my lowest moments when I was battling the big C, she was with me. I still remember, I cried with her when I was diagnosed with the big C and I told her I am going to die soon like our mom. She said no, that she will remedy the money so I can undergo surgery. She got a loan for my surgery and she went with me in the hospital during that time.

When I got married and went to the US, I always talked to her on the phone. Her voice still rings in my ears. I can't forget her voice. Every time I needed something, she was just a phone call away and I asked her to send me the things that I wanted. After a couple of weeks, here comes my small parcel in the mail. She sent me quite a few swarovski jewelries that she made herself. I was so thankful to her for her thoughtfulness. Violy is one person who will help anybody as long as she can. She was so generous and helpful. That's one trait that I can't forget about her. Of course I can't forget her sweet smile, her laughter, her sweetness and of course her cooking. There are many things that I remember about Violy and if I write it all, this space is not enough. It will take me days to write everything about her.

To you Violy, it's been a year since you went to be with the Lord. I know that you are very happy where you are now. Your wish that you wanted to see your oldest son graduate in high school may not be granted but I believe in my heart that you are happy now in the presence of the Lord where there is no more sickness and pain. Rest assured that we will take care and guide your 2 boys as they travel  in this life. VIOLY, YOU MAY NOT BE HERE WITH US NOW BUT YOU ARE NOT FORGOTTEN! Your memories will live forever! I thank God for giving me the best sister in this world. I love you and I miss you very much!